Project Management Overview

Project Planning & Strategy. Every project is unique, so our experienced project managers work closely with you to fully understand your scope, goals, time frame, and budget. We can help strategize the steps necessary to achieve these goals, identify resources needed to implement the plan, and then insert ourselves seemlessly into your project team for a cohesive and successful delivery. We’re flexible, so we will take on as much of a leadership role as you need.


Project Productivity. Keeping today’s virtual teams on track is a common challenge for any project, and is a key component to your project’s success. We create and drive a timeline that tracks action items, ownership, due dates, status, and completion — providing reminders as needed to stay on course. We participate in group meetings and can manage and lead them for you, if desired. Using your conference call infrastructure or ours, we can develop and drive the agenda, document discussion points and action items, and update and drive the timeline accordingly to keep your project on schedule and moving forward.


Project Budget Management. Budgets require careful management and are often combined from multiple sources. We can help track source, expenditures, and changes throughout the project, to help maintain a firm control of your budget.

Our overrall goal is to determine how we can best support your project team, then develop and manage the timeline to execute your project on-schedule and within budget. We’ll communicate effectively and work diligently to drive your project to a successful fruition.