Sales & Marketing Support Overview

With our entire brand built around a “Personal Touch” and “Powerful Results,” we proudly work to align our efforts between your marketing and sales teams to lend a real hand in the administrative efforts needed for the day-to-day details of your success. We offer a broad range of Administrative Support Services, such as:

  • Managing Contact Lists – Do you really want your account managers spending valuable face-to-face time with customers entering and managing contact lists? We can take on this administrative work for your sales teams. Account managers can send us their lists in any fomat — Outlook, ACT!, Excel, business cards, hand-written notes, etc. — and we will provide a digital copy back to update their contact lists and/or your CRM.
  • Managing Projects – Drive & manage project timelines; Setup  meetings with our conference call infrastructure or yours; Meeting notes and action item reminders; Budget management
  • Working Within Existing Processes/Infrastructures
  • Creating Highly Targeted Customer Communications from the account manager, the trusted advisor and your company’s voice to your most important clients

The End Result? 1) Higher responses to your campaigns. Our highly targeted and personalized customer communications from their known and trusted account manager deliver persuasive messaging and clear call-to-action. 2) More time back to your teams’ days. With our intuitive support services, your team is freed up to focus on their primary responsibility: building strong customer relationships that lead to profitable sales and long-term loyalty.